What is UiAA 2023

The Ugrado iGaming Annual Award (UiAA) 2023, hosted by Ugrado, is the iGaming industry' award that is fully transparent and unbiased by the Ugrado review team.

UiAA recognise and reward the all-round performance from the Southeast Asia iGaming industry for the last 12 months. Being nominated for UiAA 2023 not only is a recognition of your brand, but also an opportunity to increase your brand visibility ahead of your competitors.

About Ugrado

Ugrado is the transparent and unbiased iGaming test lab, certification & one-stop iGaming marketing solution platform to bring your business to the next level. Ugrado identifies the safest and premium iGaming experience, no matter what criteria you're looking for, we've got recommendations for you. It's all about finding the best fit.

Purpose: UiAA is to bring recognition to those industry players who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to quality, fairness, and player satisfaction. By honouring their achievements, UiAA seeks to inspire others to strive for excellence and raise the industry's overall standards.

Winning a UiAA not only signifies excellence within the iGaming industry but also serves as a seal of approval for players seeking a trusted and premium iGaming experience. The award highlights the recipient's commitment to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for players, fostering trust and loyalty among their user base.

Award introduction & award types

The categories for the UiAA 2023 as follow:

1. Ugrado iGaming Platform of the Year

The absolute best experience and performance + Ugrado Popularity Voting across all online casinos in the year 2023.

2. Ugrado Rising Star

The nominees for this category were selected based on the almost same principles as the Online “Casino Of The Year" category, with the condition that they are launched between 2021-2023.

3. Ugrado Best Customer Support

For the fastest and most helpful service and support in customer service.

4. Ugrado Best Instant Deposit

Recognizing the fastest and secure deposit transaction and method.

5. Ugrado Quick Registration

Recognizing the fastest and user friendly registration.

6. Ugrado Instant Payout

Recognizing the fastest and secure payout method.

7. Ugrado Most Popularity Platform

Recognizing the most popular platform in Ugrado, determined entirely by Diamond held in the Ugrado site.

How to review & select winners

All the potential iGaming brands in Southeast Asia were eligible to be nominated. The nominees and winners were selected based on Ugrado in-house Published Review Scale by the Ugrado expert review team to make sure the reviews are high quality, unbiased and reliable, along with the Ugrado Popularity Vote .

Ugrado review team assessed more than 40 online casinos in Malaysia, the reviewer team actually signed up and tested all the elements themselves, including account registration, real money deposit, gaming experience, withdrawal process as well as customer support testing. We then compared all the brands and chose the Top 5 nominees in relevant categories.

Nomination & Winners announcement

The winners of the UiAA 2023 will be announced on the Ugrado Ranking Board.
Here’s to another huge year of fantastic casinos and gaming.

Campaign timetable

Nomination period

Now – 30/09/2023 (Closed)

Review period

01/09/2023 – 01/12/2023

Shortlist announcement

01/11/2023 – 01/01/2024

Final announcement