Sponsorship package & details

  • Sponsorship Package: USD 2000

    Company logo & affiliate url on the UiAA 2023 sponsorship section

    UiAA 2023 Social media / marketing / video / banner materials featured all sponsorship logo

    One time review for nomination + review report *Subject to the brand suitability*

Organiser & Sponsorship Details

Another way to let your brand get SEEN?
Contact us to learn how to become part of the UiAA 2023 Sponsor.

We would like to extend a special shout-out to potential sponsors, partners, and organisations who share our commitment to recognizing excellence in the iGaming industry and supporting the UiAA 2023. By collaborating with us, you have the opportunity to showcase your brand, contribute to the advancement of the industry, and be a part of this prestigious event.


1. iGaming Software Providers: Companies specialising in iGaming software development can sponsor specific award categories or provide support to enhance the overall event experience. Your sponsorship will highlight your expertise and dedication to innovation in the iGaming industry.

2. Payment Solution Providers: Organisations that offer secure and efficient payment solutions for the iGaming sector can sponsor the "Ugrado Best Instant Deposit" or "Ugrado Instant Payout" categories. Your support will underscore the importance of seamless transactions and customer convenience.

3. Industry Associations and Regulatory Bodies: Associations and regulatory bodies involved in the iGaming industry can partner with us to promote responsible gambling practices and contribute to the evaluation process. By supporting the UiAA, you can demonstrate your commitment to maintaining high standards within the industry.


1. Media Outlets: Media outlets specialising in iGaming news, reviews, and industry insights can partner with us to provide coverage and exposure for the UiAA 2023. Collaborating with media partners will help amplify the event's reach and promote the achievements of award winners.

2. iGaming Affiliate Networks: Affiliate networks focused on iGaming can partner with us to promote the UiAA and encourage their network of affiliates to participate. Together, we can create a broader awareness of the award and foster stronger relationships within the iGaming community.

3. Industry Events and Conferences: Events and conferences related to the iGaming industry can collaborate with us to incorporate the UiAA as part of their programming. This partnership will offer attendees valuable networking opportunities and showcase the award winners within a broader industry context.


1. Responsible Gambling Initiatives: Organisations dedicated to promoting responsible gambling practices can collaborate with us to support the evaluation process and contribute to responsible gambling-related categories. Your involvement will help emphasise the importance of player protection and welfare.

2. Industry Research and Consulting Firms: Research and consulting firms specialising in the iGaming sector can partner with us to provide industry insights and analysis. By joining forces, we can enhance the evaluation process and offer valuable industry knowledge to award nominees and winners.

3. Academic Institutions: Academic institutions with programs or research centres focused on iGaming can collaborate with us to lend their expertise and contribute to the evaluation process. By partnering with academic institutions, we can ensure a rigorous and well-rounded assessment of nominees.

If you are a sponsor, partner, or organisation interested in supporting or collaborating on the UiAA 2023, we welcome you to reach out to us. Together, we can celebrate excellence in the iGaming industry, promote innovation, and shape the future of this dynamic and thriving sector.